Who are we?

SHERC (Saints Helping Enhance Radio Communications) is all about communications and getting the message through.  We here are all members or friends of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This is not an official church sponsored group, but we do aim to provide emergency communications for our local area focusing first on our local church members and their needs.

What's with the name?

We are serious about communications, but it doesn't mean we can't have fun too.  It is a play on a line in the Hymn "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel." ...let no one shirk.  Obviously we don't want anyone to shirk their responsibilities, but we do want you to sherc yours.

What do you do and offer?

We offer repeater services either directly through the club or through affiliate clubs and organizations.  We offer them so far only in the Southeastern United States of America (Florida and Georgia), but would happily accept anyone who has a repeater that wants to be affiliated with us.  We also have regular nets on the air (GMRS and Amateur Radio) and the internet via, D-Star and Echolink (Amateur Radio).

You're not just Amateur Radio?

Of course, we love Amateur Radio and it is usually the only guaranteed way to get the message through, there are other methods of communications.  We at SHERC will use whatever is the quickest/easiest at the time.  Most often during a disaster the internet is still up so that can be used, but if it is down then radio is preferred.  However, sometimes it is easier to use GMRS due to the less technical nature and its more liberal licensing scheme.  In short, even though we prefer Amateur Radio if may not always be the best.  It's just always the most guaranteed.